Pervane Dizaynı Nedir Ne Değildir ?

Yüzer yapıların neredeyse tamamında (yük gemileri, askeri gemiler, yüksek süratli tekneler, motoryatlar, zırhlı personel taşıyıcılar (ZPT), barge vb. dahil) istenilen hızı sağlamak için gereken sevk sisteminin en önemli unsuru pervanelerdir. Hatta su jetlerinin içinde de impeller denen pervane mevcuttur.

Pervane Dizaynı Ne Değildir ?

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Lloyd’s Register to certify unmanned vessels (UMS)

Classification society Lloyd’s Register (LR) has launched a goal-based code that takes a structured approach to the assessment of unmanned marine systems (UMS) against a set of safety and operational performance requirements.

With current and expected developments in autonomous and remote systems LR envisages that, within the near future, UMS will enter into widespread use through many sectors of the maritime industry. LR has been active in understanding how it can support the industry to demonstrate safe design and quality manufacture of critical aspects for unmanned systems.

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7 Vessels That Have Taken Naval Architecture To New Heights

Through the years there have been great innovations in the field of Ship Design and Naval Architecture, especially over the last century. Something which came up during this time was the introduction of Computer Aided Design and simulation, which has added a lot of flexibility to workflow. Read more