Ata Nutku Ship Model Basin Has A New Managing Director

New managing director of the Basin stated that, In Ata Nutku Ship Model Testing Laboratory which has unique towing tank in Turkey, there is a cavitation tunnel for propeller tests, a circulation channel to perform flow visualization tests, and a model making facility to build wooden ship models.

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MARINTEK Believes The Vessels Without Skippers

Unmanned vessels, looking after themselves, may be the answer to the problem of making the maritime industry more attractive and sustainable.

Researchers at MARINTEK believe that in ten to twenty years time there will be 200 metre cargo vessels plying the oceans without the need of a captain or crew. But before this can happen, we will be seeing the technology working on an existing vessel.  Read more

First Driverless Vehicles Public Launched Singapore Park

Imagine a car that can transport you where you need to go-without an actual driver. Does it seem like something out of science fiction? It’s more of a reality in Singapore. Scientists have created two driverless golf cart-like buggies that can take riders on driverless trips through a park.
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Monitoring Carbon Movement

Studying the movement of carbon dioxide into the deep ocean to improve climate projections and understanding of deep-sea ecosystems will be the focus of a two-year research project by a University of Maine marine scientist. Read more

Underwater Drones Join Microphones to Listen for Chinese Nuclear Submarines

Last November, an unusual experiment took place in the congested waters of Singapore just a few weeks before a Chinese nuclear attack submarine passed through the adjacent Malacca Strait.

U.S. and Singaporean researchers used an underwater drone named Starfish to explore ways to monitor subsea activity in an experiment sponsored by the U.S. military and Singapore’s defense ministry, say people involved. Read more