Navaltek, offers a comprehensive range of CFD services for all type of floating structures, ships, high speed marine vehicles, amphibious vehicles etc. including free surface and air flow analysis.

Her Türlü Yüzer Yapı için;

*Gemi Direnci
Serbest Su yüzeyi ile Dalga Formu Eldesi
Ana Makine Gücünün Belirlenmesi
*Takıntı Direnci
*Pervane Dizaynı ve Sevk Verimi
Açık Su Pervane Karakteristikleri (Open Water)
Sevk Karakteristikleri (Self Propulsion)
İz Deneyi (Wake Calculation)
*Form Optimizasyonu
Tekne Formu ve Baş-Kıç Form Optimizasyonu
Tekne Akım Hatları
Hidrodinamik Basınç Dağılımı
*Üst Yapı Etrafında Hava ve Ek Rüzgar Akışı
*Hava Tünelinde Aerodinamik Analiz (Wind Tunnel)
*Zırhlı Personel Taşıyıcı (Amphibious vehicle CFD Analysis)

gibi analizler yüksek hassasiyet ve doğruluk ile yapılmaktadır.


Wake Adapted Propeller Design

To design a propeller is an optimization problem, including efficiency, cavitation, vibration and noise characteristics that should be in acceptable limits. In this respect wake adapted propeller design is a one of the key issues to obtain better performances of ships by improving efficiency of their propellers, hence reducing fuel consumptions of the ships as well improving hull pressure, cavitation and noise characteristics.




R&D Projects

Navaltek offers wide range of services under R&D projects including both for maritime, electronics and mechatronics.

Hull Form Design and Optimization

Navaltek offers qualified and efficient designs for all types of floating structures. Also, we have hull form optimization services for all types of ships. We use CFD softwares including both inhouse codes and commercial codes. By the way, Navaltek offers consultancy for ship model testing with the expertise of more than 8 years.


Luxury Boats


Fiberglass Boats

Sailing Boats

Wooden Yachts

High Speed Boats

Mega Yachts

Convantional Ships

Bulk Carriers


Passenger Boats



Container Ships

General Cargo Ships

Navy Ships

Fast Patrol Attack Crafts

Fast Rescue Crafts

Intervention Crafts

Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned systems have the potential, and in some cases the demonstrated ability, to reduce risk to manned forces, to provide the force multiplication necessary to accomplish the missions, to perform tasks which manned vehicles cannot, and to do so in a way that is affordable to the nation.

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