Seal Delivery Vehicle

Carries a pilot, co-pilot, and combat swimmer team and their equipment to and from maritime mission objectives on land or at sea. The pilot and co-pilot are often a part of the fighting team.



1- Water Jet Propulsion

2- Mooring and Lifting Eyebolt

3- Underwater Crusing Mod Steering – Propulsion System

4- Engine Room Ventilation Outlet for Surface Crusing Mod

5- Engine Room Ventilation Inlet for Surface Crusing Mod

6- Exhaust Outlet for Surface Crusing Mod

7- Diving Flaps (Aft)

8- Watertight Crusing Control Panels

9- Diving Flaps (Fore)

10-Fore Mooring and Lifting Eyebolt.


Images seen in the slide show are taken from James Fisher Defence seal delivery

Turkey, Istanbul, Türkiye

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