Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned systems have the potential, and in some cases the demonstrated ability, to reduce risk to manned forces, to provide the force multiplication necessary to accomplish the missions, to perform tasks which manned vehicles cannot, and to do so in a way that is affordable to the nation.





Recent advances in marine robotics, sensors, computers, communications and information systems are being applied to develop sophisticated technologies that will lead to safer, faster and far more efficient ways of exploring the ocean frontier, especially in hazardous conditions.

The success of any project relies on the quality of the detail design associated with it.  Navaltek has significant experience in this area with 2D and 3D drafting and design software and offers full production engineering services.

Navaltek offers a wide range of technical services to the autonomous marine vehicle industry.

Also, the company designs, builds and tests hydrodynamic models as part of its concept and feasibility studies. Tests are undertaken in a number of slow and high speed towing tanks and also in free running, open water conditions. The models are instrumented with sensors and a data-logger for recording of data and can be fitted with active motion and navigation control systems and remote video cameras.


Navaltek have the capabilities of design and produce;

  • Autonomous Surface Vehicles  (ASV)
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  (AUV)
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles  (ROV)
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles  (UGV)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  (UAV)
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